Claims Tester

This tool will create retrospective claims through the CoverMyMeds production or integration environments. To use this, you will need a CoverMyMeds account (not an API account). If you do not already have one, register for one at and then enter your username and password below.

To test retrospective callbacks received through the CoverMyMeds API, be sure to provide a NPI and Physician fax number which have been registered via our Prescribers API. Please be sure to contact us at to verify your prescriber if your API account is not yet set up to automatically verify prescribers.

Please be aware that this page creates real requests in our production and integration environments. Care should be taken when creating a claim in production, as if the NPI matches an existing user, they will see the PA show up on their dashboard and may receive a fax notifying them of the PA. It is best to use a fake NPI and fax number when testing using this page.


Spironolactone for EPA test form, Wellbutrin for Classic test form
Number of units of drug to prescribe
Number of days the prescription should last


773836 for test payer
MOCKPBM for test payer
ABC1 for test payer
Patient's cardholder ID


NPI of the pharmacy



We strongly recommend using a fake NPI for testing
The fax number entered here must match the one registered for the provided NPI through the Prescribers API